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Growth, Stability, Forethought

With a wide range of varied experience, I aim to assist you in growing your business sustainably. 


Intellectual Property


Dispute Resolution


K. F. (Senior Associate)
International Law Firm

“Matt brought boundless energy, insight and dedication to the team.  He was parachuted in to a fiendishly complex case and managed to get up to speed amazingly quickly on both the complex factual matrix and also the difficult practicalities. From the moment Matt was on the team he was an asset to it.  Matt was able to take charge of nuanced projects and effectively manage the team he was working with to achieve a strong outcome.”

G. A. (Senior Associate)
International Law Firm

"Matt really was an asset to the workstream, without his diligent assistance and hard work during that time we would not have completed this work in time. Matt has the right balance between technical ability and pragmatism to provide the assistance a project like this required.

... his ability to get to the root of issues quickly and his user-friendly approach are precisely what you want"

J. S. (Director)
Digadoc Limited

"Matthew provided us with invaluable advise concerning a patent dispute we were having. He provided expert advice on negotiation tactics when dealing with the other side in pre-litigation correspondence. He was able to understand the core issues from day one and provided apt and appropriate legal solutions whilst making us aware of the risks both sides may encounter in certain situations. He is eloquent and clear in his explanations of difficult and technical legal points. I would highly recommend him and intend on working with Matthew in the future.”


I recently acted for a client who was accused of copyright infrignement in the United Kingdom and Europe. This infringement was based around the artisitic expression demonstated in the creation of board games and table-top games.


I provided advice on the viability of the claim of infringement, the international copyright protection afforded by certain international treaties, the territorial extent of the laws in the United Kingdom, the civil remedies that may be sought in light of a successful claim and a detailed analysis of the test for infringement in the United Kingdom.


Following this I performed a review of their entire catalouge of the items concerned and created a traffic light system indicating all distinguishing and potentially problematic factors. 

I drafted a framework agreement to be used as the precedent for a French client which manages their relationship with international freelancers. This included research and clauses that dealt with the choice of governing law and jurisdiction. This was made futher bespoke for freelancers that potentially create IP and ensures the assignment of such IP rights and their Moral Rights being waived. 


I modified several Energy Service Agreements for an international energy company. This included the alteration of: Force Majeure clauses, assignment and minimum energy requirement clauses. 

I was recently part of a team of lawyers acting for the Customs and Tax Administration of a European country in their pursuit to reclaim c.$2 billion which had been subject to fraud. 


I led a team managing the implementation of 5 confidentiality orders in force for several revenue authorities in several jurisdictions. I coordinated the disclosure reviews of four Revenue Services as well as leading a privilege review and an analytical review of United States deposition transcripts. 

I recently adivsed a client on the opposition procedures of a trade mark in the United Kingdom. This involved correspondence with the entity attemping to trade mark a name and providing advice on the 2 procedures avaliable.

Further to this, I advised on any current exposure of their current IP, registered another trade mark in the UK and in Europe and provided a detailed note on the revocation process avaliable in the UK and Europe. 

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11  /  03  /  2022

L’épuisement des droits de propriété intellectuelle - entre l'UE et le Royaume-Uni


02  /  03  /  2022

À quel point est votre marque d'auteur distinctive ?
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