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K.F (Senoir Associate), International Law Firm

“Matt brought boundless energy, insight and dedication to the team.  He was parachuted in to a fiendishly complex case and managed to get up to speed amazingly quickly on both the complex factual matrix and also the difficult practicalities. From the moment Matt was on the team he was an asset to it.  Matt was able to take charge of nuanced projects and effectively manage the team he was working with to achieve a strong outcome.”


J.S (Director), Digadoc Limited

“Matthew provided us with invaluable advise concerning a patent dispute we were having. He provided expert advice on negotiation tactics when dealing with the other side in pre-litigation correspondence. He was able to understand the core issues from day one and provided apt and appropriate legal solutions whilst making us aware of the risks both sides may encounter in certain situations. He is eloquent and clear in his explanations of difficult and technical legal points. I would highly recommend him and intend on working with Matthew in the future.”


S.W (Legal Director), International Law Firm

“I worked with Matthew on a very large document review project, where he acted as a team leader/co-ordinator for a very experienced review team.  The project was a complex and challenging one for many reasons, and Matthew was excellent to work with. He was consistently supportive, good humoured and endlessly patient. He brought a real ownership mentality to his role, which was particularly impressive given that he was effectively parachuted into an existing team, but really hit the ground running – getting up to speed on complicated and knotty issues very quickly. He was really committed to ensuring that everything was done to an incredibly high standard, tenacious in chasing down solutions to issues, whilst remaining pragmatic and commercial at all times. He also worked incredibly hard and was dedicated to making sure that deadlines were met. His leadership kept the team going in what was often a challenging context. It was a pleasure working with Matthew, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for similar projects.”


M.S (Mangaing Director), Scotts Hire Limited

“I have worked with Matthew for a numer of years and I can confidently state that he is an able, intelligent and commercially aware lawyer. The most recent work that he conducted for us was providing advise on a corporate and debt dispute that we were having with a multinational company for the recovery of £250,000. Despite the otherside having a full lin-house egal department, Matthew was able to effectively negotiate and push our agenda forward. He is adept at understanding how the other side will think and is able to head this off in advance. I believe this is what makes him so effective.”


G.A (Senoir Associate), International Law Firm

“I was lucky to have Matt on my team during an intense period of work early this year. Matt and I were responsible for delivery of a crucial disclosure workstream as part of a £1.5bn commercial litigation project. The workstream related to confidentiality clubs established by the Court owing to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the litigation. The litigation involved more than 100 defendants (some litigants in person) and acting for the Claimant, we were tasked with ensuring each defendant signed up to the various confidentiality undertakings imposed before disclosure could be provided. We delivered the workstream under pressure of a tight deadline to ensure that all defendants received timely disclosure in accordance with the strict requirements of each of the confidentiality clubs.  


Matt really was an asset to the workstream, without his diligent assistance and hard work during that time we would not have completed this work in time. Matt has the right balance between technical ability and pragmatism to provide the assistance a project like this required. Drafted in to assist the workstream, without much by way of background knowledge, he was quickly able to slot into the team and to navigate the complexities of the confidentiality club orders. His ability to get to the root of issues quickly and his user-friendly approach are precisely what you want from a consultant. I have enjoyed working with Matt and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”


R.D (Solicitor), Internaitional Law Firm

“I worked with Matt on a complex multi-jurisdictional, multi-language project for 4 months. He is diligent and has a high level of attention to detail. He is able to digest complex facts in order to understand matters fully in a short time frame. Matt takes complete ownership of his work; going above and beyond to make sure that it is done comprehensively and in a robust manner. He communicates effectively, asking constructive questions and posing pragmatic solutions to any issues that arise. Overall, Matt is an effective lawyer and would be an invaluable member in any team.”


H.B (Partner), International Law Frim

“Matt has acted as our Relationship Trainee for Atlas+ client (Legal & General) and has done a great job.  I’ve been particularly impressed by the initiative he has shown in leading the preparation of our monthly financial reporting to the client, which involves co-ordinating the input of 25+ partners and producing a coherent and user-friendly report.  Matt has established and embedded these processes across the team.”


Police Force in the South of England 

"We appreciate all the work that you and the team undertook to support us with our communications"

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