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Intellectual Property Law

I specialise in : Copyright protection and enforcement in the UK and Europe;  Trademark management (registration, opposition, enforcement); Patent licencing agreements and management. 

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I provide assistance and advice in how to managae you and your company's copyright. This includes advising on:


- the international proctection that your copyright graners;

- the territorial scope of the applicable copyright laws;

- copyright infringement;

- how to enforce your rights;

- Company restructre with a view to protecting your IP;

- copyright assignment between parties;

- the UK common law action of passing-off .

Knowledge of the rights concerning your copyright and the sensible enforcement of those rights can assist in consolidating your market position and warding off competitors. 

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Trade marks

I deliver clear and insightful management of your trade marks. This includes advising on:


- the registration of your trade marks in the UK and Europe;

- opposing an application of a similar trade mark;

- how to enforce your trade marks and trade mark infringement;

- trade mark assignment and licensing;

- trade mark stratergy and protfolio;

- image rights (protection and exploitation).

The applications for trade marks has increases exponentially over the last 20 years. It is of tantamount importance that you manage your trade marks in an effective manner. This has been made more true since Brexit and the passing of the "IP completion day". The registration, term and renewal of your trade marks will enable you to grow your business under a blanket of protection. 

I also provide advice on Database and Desgin rights. 


I furnish my clients with up-to-date counsel on the laws governing their patents. This includes advising on:


- applying for a patent in the UK and Europe;

- informing you of the international proctection from which your patents profit;

- patent management (renewal, term, restoration);

- how to enforce your rights;

- patent infringement;

- the joint ownership of Intellectual Property Rights.

Patents are a form of property that protects technical innovations. It is necessary to ensure adequate protection over the ingenuity of you or your company.  

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