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Contract Law

I have extensive experience in drafting, modifying, varying, negotating and interpreting contracts of all lengths and values. Whether you wish to sign an international contract or a new supply agreement, having the correct information and up-to-date legislative know-how is crucial. 

Recherche et rédaction

The terms of a contract are the expression of the relationship between you and another party. Considered the most salient point when engaged in business and the most critial to get right. I service and provide advise on :

- the drafting of a new contract which accurately reflects the parties intentions; 

- the negotiation between parties when putting into words the terms of the relationship;

- the modification of proposed contracts to better suit your needs;

- the variation of existing contracts should the parties wish to alter the current terms;

- reviewing your current contracts to highlight any vunerabilities and current exposure;

- drafting of various types of contracts such as :

- commercial contracts;

- confidentiality agreements;

- supply of services agreements;

- copyright assignment agreements;

- international contracts (and more).

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