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Current Position

I offer my services as a qualified solicitor of the laws of England and Wales, performing unreserved work for my own clientele. This includes all of the services described on this website. 

I have worked for the largest companies in the world, alongside governments and SME's (small to Medium sized businesses). This has afforded me a unique ability to provide adivce to all types and sizes of business. 


I offer all of this advice in both English and French. 

My Story

I started my academic career studying Philosophy at the University of London (Heythrop College) - a specialist Philosophy and Theology college, temporarily stationed in the United Kingdom from Italy. After finishing my Bachelors degree, I wanted to further study the subject of my dissertation "The nature and relaity of Time". I completed a Research Masters in the Philosophy of Physics (Space-time) for which I had obtained a scholarship. My Master's dissertation was focused on the Unification of Einstein's Special Relativity and Presentism. 

After recieveing several offers to study for my PhD in the UK and the USA, I decided to apply my skills to the legal world and become a solicitor. I studied the GDL in Manchetser (after recieving the sole Dean of the Law Schools Full Fee Scholarship).

I then worked for DWF LLP, in-house for one of their largest clients, RSA Insurance. I operated in the subrogated recoveries (house-hold perils) section. It was here that I developed an appreication for negotiation, caseload management and the litigation process in the UK. I managed over 600 individual cases and successfully negotiated over 50 files with a total sum of over £450,000. I finished my time at DWF LLP as the Paralegal who trained other paralegals and to whom the most complex cases were reserved. 

I obtained a training contract offer from one of the largest law firms world-wide, Pinsent Masons LLP (London). I then returned to London to study for my Masters of Science in Law, Business and Management. 

I completed my training contract at Pinsent Masons where I gained invaluable insight and exposure in the areas of law in which I now specialist. I worked primarily for FSTE 100 companies, governements and large SME's.  


Since leaving Pinsent Masons, I have created a company in the UK for providing legal consultancy, I have moved to France where I operate as a freelance solicitor practicing unrestricted work as defined by the laws in England and Wales, all whilst learning the French language. 

I now have clients both in the UK and France to whom I provide general legal advice and speicalist advice when required. I hope that you consider becoming my most recent client. 

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